Fit and Over 50

A few years back, photographers, Tommy and Alan, created a website to celebrate men who are fit and over 50. And it was certainly long overdue! Being Daddyhunt, we celebrate the over 50 set for being the sexy beasts that they are. We all know that a good number of 50+ men are in the best physical shape of their lives, which shows us all that you can be fit at any age.

Check out Tommy and Alan’s website, MenOver50, and always remember, don’t let your age define who you are and how you look. “Live your life and forget your age.”

Giving Daddies A Bad Name?

In our never-ending quest to understand how other people define the term Daddy, we bring you this article, “Sweet Deal“, which took a look at how some college students in the U.K. are earning money to pay for their studies. All signs point to the ridiculous amount of debt college kids go off into the real world with as to why there’s been an uptick in young people, in this case women, looking for generous older men, a/k/a Sugar Daddies, who are willing to pay them for their time.

Sugar Daddies have been around for as long as anyone can remember in both the gay and straight communities. However, since the advent of the internet, facilitating these arrangements has become easier than ever. We are sometimes asked if the Daddyhunt community is about connecting guys with Sugar Daddies. The answer is NO! We make a point of proactively removing users seeking financial arrangements from the Daddyhunt community.

But what we are wondering is, given the placement of this article in the mainstream media, do you think it further perpetuates the most common association with the word Daddy – that it has to be a sugary arrangement? As a community that celebrates Daddies and their admirers, whether they be a pauper or a prince, we’re of the mindset that the stigma surrounding Daddies and intergenerational relationships stems from this belief. It’s a misguided notion that the only reason why a younger man would want to be with an older man is because it’s transactional. As many of us on Daddyhunt can attest to, nothing could be further from the truth. #ExperienceMatters

Put A Finger In It

Now, we know some of you guys who prefer the top bunk might find the idea of someone pulling up to your bumper somewhat of a touchy subject, but we’re curious! When you’re getting your rod worked on, does the desire for anal stimulation mean you might secretly be a closet bottom?

The answer, at least according to this article we found on Psychology Today’s website, is not necessarily. In fact, it just means you’re completely normal. Turns out people of all sexual persuasions—including 24% of straight men—enjoy the art of the backdoor finger bang every once in awhile.

Sleeping Beauty Was On To Something…

For those of you who think getting eight hours of sleep isn’t necessary, think again! It’s true that sleeping requirements vary slightly from person to person. Still, most healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Despite the notion that sleep needs decrease with age, most older people still need at least 7 hours of sleep. 

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Apparently, getting a good night’s sleep can make you more attractive. Well, more attractive than a sleep-deprived you. 

According to a study, which was published in the British Medical Journal several years ago, “when untrained observers were shown photographs of the faces of volunteers who had been deprived of sleep, they judged them to be less healthy and less attractive than photographs of the same volunteers when well-rested.” Now, this might seem obvious, but beauty sleep can’t be as easily dismissed as myth. Seems as though we’re able to subconsciously pick up small visual clues in those that are sleep deprived. A good night’s rest might be the difference between getting a number and getting shot down. 

So, before that next big date or those new selfies, get some rest!

You can read more about the details of the study here.

Gay Founding Fathers: William Haines

Welcome to “Gay Founding Fathers,” an exclusive series that will look back — sometimes way back — through queer culture to introduce you to gay men who made a difference, made history, made us swoon, and just plain made us be proud to be who we are.

Showbiz is a notoriously tough game for actors, especially if they’re not willing to play by the rules. Image is everything, and one misstep can turn even Hollywood royalty into box office poison faster than you can scream, “Cut!”. But the first entry in our Gay Founding Father series, actor turned interior designer Billy Haines, managed to buck that trend with a second act that was even more successful than his first.

Born on January 2, 1900 in Staunton, Virginia, Haines became fascinated with movies as a child and spent a great deal of time watching silent films at the local theater. Recognizing his homosexuality at an early age, he ran away from home with a boyfriend to the bigger City of Hopewell, Virginia where the two opened up a dance hall. Haines knew there was more out there waiting for him, so like thousands of other young men with big dreams at that time, he moved to New York City where he worked odd jobs including modeling. He also became quite the presence in Greenwich Village’s burgeoning gay community.

His move to New York City soon paid off. Spotted by a talent scout, who was taken by the 20-year-old’s handsome good looks and silver screen appeal, Haines signed a $40-a-week contract with mega movie producer Samuel Goldwyn. His career took off slowly with a string of small supporting roles in less-than-memorable films, but audiences quickly took to his brash, wise-cracking personality. Within a few years, Haines ascended to leading man status, appearing alongside some of the leading ladies of the day, including Joan Crawford and Anita Page. After only a few years, Haines was a bonafide movie star, just like the ones he had watched growing up, but a change was coming to Tinseltown.

Silent films were giving way to talkies, and many actors who once seemed smooth and debonair suddenly became stiff and screechy in stereo. Not all stars could make the transition, including Haines, whose off-screen homosexuality was becoming clear on-screen as well. Haines lived as an openly gay man, and his relationship with longtime partner, James Shields, was well known to industry folk. Ultimately, studio execs gave him an ultimatum. Enter into an arranged marriage of convenience with a young starlet or be dropped from his contract. Unwilling to live life in the closet, Haines chose the latter. Admirable, for sure, but the kiss of death for a big-time movie star in those times. 

True to its word, the studio promptly dropped him. Haines’ career on the big screen was essentially over. Though he was no longer popular with studio execs, Haines was still beloved by many of his fellow stars. Good friends like Crawford, Gloria Swanson, and Marion Davies admired his suave style and taste. They all hired him and Shields to decorate their palatial homes. Word of Haines’ and Shields’ interior design talents quickly spread, and a Haines-designed home soon became de rigueur for anyone who was anyone in Hollywood. It was a blockbuster second act that lasted until his death in 1973.

Haines and Crawford not only clicked on-screen (check out the clip below), they were also best friends in real life.

Haines’s contemporary design style, much of which is captured in the 2005 book “Class Act,” is still in vogue today.

So, tell us, which openly gay actors do you admire? Do you think Haines would have had an easier time in today’s Hollywood? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Do You Fear Getting Older?

Whether you’re a 20-something or 70-something, there’s one thing we all have in common: we’re getting older. Year after year, decade after decade, we find ourselves getting closer towards whatever it is that’s waiting for us at the end. As our bodies start to show more and more proof of living (“Hello wrinkles!” “Oh, hey gray!”), it becomes all too apparent that there’s no escaping the aging process. And in a youth obsessed culture, that can be a frightening thing. Whether it’s purely superficial or on a deeper level, looking at what the future holds is something we have to face head on.

When we’re young, it seems like we can’t wait to grow up. But even with that eagerness to be an adult, fears still abound when it comes to getting on in our years. Similarly, when we’ve reached a certain age, we can find ourselves wistful about our youth, not really realizing what a better place we’re in with time, experience, and perspective.

I’m of the belief that as a community we can collectively debunk the myth that the best of our gay days are before 40 and then it’s all downhill after that. If we can all continue to inspire and contrive to live our lives to the fullest til the very end, I think we’ve got a good shot of changing societies beliefs and prove that age is truly just a number.