What It Means to Be a Daddy

A “Daddy” is many things to different people. To some, a Daddy may be a cigar smoking older man with silver chest hair. To others, it may mean a man with a thick build and a sex drive that would make Pfizer jealous. And to some it is simply a way of behaving, in and out of the bedroom.

On Daddyhunt, a “Daddy” is anyone who has the confidence, sexiness and wisdom that comes with some life experience but the term typically applies to men over 40 or 50. Members on Daddyhunt use the term Daddy as a way of owning their age and saying they are proud to be a mature gay man.

As any number of our members with a few gray hairs below the belt will tell you, ‘Generation Daddy’ is largely wiser, stronger and happier than ever. And thanks to the occasional spin/yoga/pilates class, they look and feel better too. Whether you have been a Daddy for several days or several decades, Daddyhunt is the place you can be yourself online without ever having to lie about your age. There is no better time than now to be a Daddy and Daddyhunt wants you.