DADDYHUNT TIPS: How To Create a Dating Profile That Works!

We at DADDYHUNT know – creating a personal profile on a dating app can be a challenge, especially if you must present yourself in just a few words, with the right photos, and all for the purpose to attract the right kind of attention.  On that note, while updating a dating profile – it’s important to be yourself, and no, that’s not just a phrase! Before creating a dating profile, we would advise you to take some time and think – not about what others might want to read about you, but what’s important to you and what you are looking for. To help you create a dating profile that works, the DH team has made a list of some do’s and don’ts:

  1. The About Me Section: Be Specific, Yet Short

While it’s always good to write a few personal sentences about yourself, it can be useful to avoid generic descriptions and blatant cliches, because ‘’long walks on the beach’’ certainly won’t make your profile stand out. Instead, focus on mentioning your main interests, maybe naming your hobby or more specific things you enjoy doing on weekends. Also, know and be open about what are you looking for – is it a quick hookup, someone to hang out with or a more relationship-oriented interaction. If you’re struggling with the ‘About Me’ section, you can ask a friend for some advice on what to write.

2. Avoid The ‘’NOT INTO’S’’

Focus on what you are looking for and avoid being the ‘’NOT INTO” and ‘’NO (insert offensive language here)’’ person. It’s ok to have preferences but chill out! Making your profile all about what you dislike and ranting about it is a turn-off. You wouldn’t believe how much energy goes to waste, not to mention all the hot guys, while trying to maintain a bitter attitude.  

3. Complete Your Stats

An incomplete profile is rarely an interesting one! Make sure you fill out your stats (height, weight, age, city etc.) The option is there so why not avoid unnecessary questions. Sharing false or incomplete information about yourself is frequently the main reason why online dating can have a bad reputation, so simply – don’t be the guy that lies from the start. Instead, we at DADDYHUNT encourage you to own your looks and be honest.

4. Update Your Photos

Photos are a crucial part of one’s dating profile. Make sure your photos are (relatively) up to date, and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean uploading photos from last week, but skip uploading photos that were taken a decade ago. Own your looks, friendly and approachable always works and don’t hesitate to show some skin (if that’s your thing 😉).

5. Upload More Than One Photo

Uploading up to three (or more) photos will increase the chances of members reaching out to you. Diverse photos are a plus: at the gym, night out, hiking … ? Go ahead and upload. Avoid sharing photos with other people in them (unless they’re ok with it). Sharing photos with minors, even if it’s a family member is also a big NO, NO!

Now, update your DADDYHUNT profile following these tips and don’t forget to have fun! Give them a flavor of your persona by adding some humor and see your inbox grow! 😉

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Under The Gaydar: 5 Unusual Gay-friendly Destinations to Visit

As travelers’ season is approaching and many are planning their holidays abroad, in case you got bored with visiting the same cities and countries that are openly welcoming for LGBT+, and you feel a bit adventurous – the DH team has made a list of five unusual but gay-friendly places to visit. Keep in mind though that the ‘’unusual’’ part can refer to a couple of things: either the locations are a bit out of your ordinary holiday picks or the country is not exactly known for its LGBT+ openness, but does hide a few gems here and there. Hence a recommendation to do your own research in order to get familiar with the local culture and always look for reviews before you pack your bags!

1. Tokyo, Japan:

Even though only about 5% of Japanese people admit knowing someone who is LGBT+, and the general attitude towards homosexuality is conservative and homophobic (even within the community itself), the existence of Shinjuku Ni-chōme, the loudest and most crowded area in Tokyo, also known as Tokyo’s gay neighborhood, might make you feel otherwise. It’s home to one of the largest number of gay bars and night clubs in the world, and also offers plenty gay pride boutiques, love hotels, gay books and video stores and other gay-friendly touristic arrangements. The LGBT+ community in Tokyo is the biggest one on the entire Asian continent, so if you’re up for a trip to far east, Shinjuku Ni-chōme in Tokyo is a place to go!

Shinjuku At Night via Pinterest

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia:

While some of the LGBT+ sexual preferences are considered legal in Buddhist Cambodia, even culturally supported as the same-sex activity was never criminalized in the history of this country, many still do face legal issues, as the legislation of LGBT+ rights has not yet been enacted.  In this field, Cambodia seems more accepting of LGBT+ tourists than its local communities. As an example, the once sleepy and quiet Cambodian city of Siem Reap, which became popular due to its location near the Angkor Wat temple ruins, is known for its welcoming attitude towards the LGBT+ community. It’s a highly tourist destination, with a strong international vibe, and is famous for being the gayest city in Asia. Siem Reap offers many gay bars, clubs and other gay-friendly venues, but also offers a historic adventure for those who seek that kind of a holiday.

Angkor Wat Temple

3. Antigua, Guatemala:

A charming little village Antigua, surrounded by volcanoes in the central Guatemalan highlands, is known for its preserved Spanish colonial architecture. Despite Guatemala’s negative reputation when it comes to crime, Antigua is a very safe tourist destination. It’s a home of a small LGBT+ community within the village, but nothing organized, as they are mainly all friends who know each other and own several bars and restaurants. Basically, there is no active gay ’’scene’’ in Antigua and this place is perfect for those looking for some real peace and rest. If there’s a need for more party-like moments while in Antigua, the nearby Guatemala City is recommended!

Antigua, Shutterstock

4. Taormina, Sicily:

This location is famous for its beauty, rocky shores and cliffs and for its incredible historic heritage. Once a known gay village, visited by many LGBT+ icons, from Oscar Wilde to Truman Capote, Taormina today is not really the hottest gay spot. Within the relaxed and causal atmosphere, the LGBT+ community is able to socialize and attend bars, restaurants and other venues, but without too much fuss. There is no repression towards the LGBT+, but the general ‘’mind your own business’’ behavior is preferred. So, if you plan to pack your bags and head to Sicily, don’t forget to bring your laissez-faire attitude as well!

Taormina, Pinterest

5. Novi Sad, Vojvodina (Serbia):

While LGBT+ sexual activities are legal in this Eastern-European autonomous province and discrimination based on sexual preferences is banned, the members of the LGBT+ community may encounter some legal challenges, in spite of having a married lesbian parent for a Prime Minister. But Novi Sad, the administrative center of Vojvodina (which until 1918 was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), shines a general welcoming image. It lies on the banks of the River Danube, with the iconic Petrovaradin Fortress being one of its most visited tourist sites. This Serbian medieval town is one of the most important cultural hubs in this part of the world. It reflects a slow and warm Mediterranean-like ambient, with some LGBT+ friendly spots, hotels and a vibrant street cafe culture. While the majority of ordinary people in Novi Sad don’t really care about one’s sexual life, there are far-right groups who are highly opinionated and are keen to show their homophobic feelings, so discretion in public is advised.

Novi Sad, Flickr

… and for those ready to experience something really unusual.

Karachi, Pakistan:

  1. Yes, we know – Pakistan! Not really a country that first comes to mind in relation to gay-friendliness, considering its criminalization of same-sex sexual acts, discrimination and social stigma. The Pakistani LGBT+ community is, however, able to socialize, organize and date, even live together as a couple, but they have to this with discretion, as many could be legally prosecuted. On the other side, there is sort of a saying that ‘’it is great to be gay in Pakistan’’, as sex is more than available and to support the latter comes the port city of Karachi with its ‘’a gay man’s paradise’’ reputation. On the outside, Karachi presents its strict social conformity, but underneath that façade lies a world of underground parties, group and same-sex sexual activities. So, if you are in the mood for some Pakistani experience, have an SS behavior in mind and consult your nearest gay travel guide!

While the destinations we picked for you are becoming more and more popular within the LGBT+ community – before booking your next holiday spot – the DH team strongly advises checking travel reviews, blogs and getting familiar with the local laws and customs. Once you have this sorted out, feel free to present your sexy-tourist-self among fun and friendly locals who are, step by step and in different ways, trying to improve and change their surroundings and create a more welcoming place for everyone!

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A Letter From The DH Team

Dear Members,

Over the past year we have been working hard at making improvements to the app and website. In fact, our programming team has added over a dozen new features and many improvements for Free Members and Premium Members, whose support has allowed us to maintain and support this amazing community since we started it, over 16 years ago. 

Taken together, these recent changes have also had the positive effect of increasing engagement and today our members send over 20% more messages and shouts than they did just 8 months ago.  

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we have heard that you want to see more new members. We are currently gearing up to increase our advertising in 2022. In the past, some advertisers rejected Daddyhunt. In order to get around their unnecessarily strict and somewhat discriminating rules, we are changing the Relationship Status options to Single, Other and Ask Me. We think it’s a small price to pay for some fresh new faces and hope you will agree. We are also working harder to detect spam/scam accounts in order to keep the community safe and genuine.

Remember, the easiest way to break the ice is by sending a Shout-Out or by unlocking your pics and starting up a conversation. Go ahead! Shoot your shot!

Finally, we want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this tremendous community and for your patience as we work to improve the experience for all members!

Your Daddyhunt Team


If you want to have a detailed look at the changes we have recently made and what is coming next please visit our proposed roadmap and make sure to vote for your next favorite feature!

Have any other feedback? We’d love to hear it. Send comments to

Be His Valentine: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

To help you a little, the DH team came up with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts you can choose from, for your ‘’special someone’’, with a reminder: it is okay if it’s a friend or maybe a family member who’s been accepting of who you are and treating you nicely. It’s more than ok if you manage to resist the global V-Day pressure and choose to spoil just your lovely self with something  you enjoy or something what we suggest in our list below! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

A Swedish Backpack Fjallraven Kanken

Backpacks make a great, useful and a long-term gift. The Swedish brand Fjallraven Kanken offers backpacks in different sizes, colours and materials, holding on to the same iconic look as the classic from 1978! For your special someone, pick a backpack that is waterproof, lightweight and flexible!

Scented Sticks and/or Candles for Men  

Assist your special someone in making his apartment smell good and sexy with some scented sticks and candles for men! We suggest avoiding heavy, floral or sweet notes – unless you are 100% sure he will like it. Instead, opt for fragrant notes that are woody and smoky or marine and citrus scents depending on the general vibe of his personal space.

Pool Ball Candle Holder

Now, this one has men only pheromones spilled all over it! Vintage and tasteful, pool ball candle holder is a type of lighting that can intensify his Valentine’s ambience. If tea candles you get for this candle holder are scented, you can consult suggestions we shared above.

Beard Grooming Set 

Choose a Beard Grooming Set packed with care and style as a practical present he can use every day. Try to cover all bases of his grooming steps, like shaving foam, beard oil or balm. If possible, add some grooming tools as well (a beard comb, scissors and such). If you’ve noticed he minds his gray hairs, why not add a nice pack of True Sons – Hair & Beard Dye for Men?

Pro-aging Kit 

Since DH embraces aging with style, to avoid the term ‘’anti-aging’’, 
we prefer pro-aging  instead. 😉

If he has a skincare routine, have a sneak peek at his favourite brands and pick something for him! If his skincare habits are basically nonexistent or unknown to you, make a selection of natural products which promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production. A quality face cleaner, facial scrub, night cream, moisturizer/sunscreen,  lip balm and – he is good to go – regardless of how far you wanna go!

A Picture Frame for a Couple

Image source:

A picture frame is a good gift for couples in general, as they help to preserve the best moments spent together. Pick one which goes well with the interior of his living space, whether it’s an elegantly designed frame or a vintage one. If you’re feeling adventurous, it can be an excellent idea to have your photo together digitally processed in specific art-forms which can decorate the room with a more avantgarde or stylish look! 

A Quality Belt and Bedroom Accessories

A quality belt is another practical gift he can use every day or for special occasions – like the bedroom ones! In order to support the latter, throw in some padlocks, bindings and other bedroom accessories, just to indicate that you might be hoping for a fun and sexy Valentine’s spent together! However, if you are just in the mood for your man to look good, choose a belt that goes well with his daily attire (jeans or suits and shoes).

Printed T-Shirt

Image source:

Instead of wasting time while walking through shopping malls while looking for a perfect clothing item as a gift for him, order a customized t-shirt online and surprise him with something fun and unique! Make sure you check the shop reviews, and that their materials and printing are top noch! T-shirt design is on you. While it’s always good to be personal, avoid being too personal, as in – printing your face on his shirt – but go more along the lines of maybe printing the photo of his pet, his favorite art, a quote or a concept that he’s really into. 

Printed Socks and a Tie with Print

Image source: 

In a vast range of print patterns and colourways, choose the ones he is most likely to wear. But, don’t hesitate to be bold about your picks as he always has the option not to wear these in public, but for his own (guilty) pleasure as well. There are many sites offering to customize your socks and tie design online, but also a wide variety of printed ones available to shop right away!

Dress Up And Splurge 

In case you are in the mood for dressing up, and you are sure that he is too, you can always make a dinner reservation for two in some expensive restaurant, especially if it’s been a while since the two of you had the chance to shine together in public in this way. Pick a place that serves his favourite meals and – after dinner – well, it’s good to burn all those calories together!

Additionally, you can visit Etsy or other online card shops for some nice LGBT Valentine’s Day Cards. Better yet, you can make your own V-Card using free online tools! It’s also a good idea to have a fun night out with a group of LGBT friends to increase your visibility or to make a Valentine’s Day donation to an LGBT organization you care for or to support a local LGBT business. It’s up to you and you only, so if you’d rather spend this holiday on your own, watching movies and such, that is perfectly alright – but in case you change your mind, visit the DaddyHunt App and see what else the Valentine has to offer! 😊

Happy Valentine’s Day from the DaddyHunt Team!

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DH Focus: Mental Health of Gay and Bisexual Men

Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how people process their thoughts and feelings and how they act. The state of our mental health determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices, so it is very important to give it meaningful attention at every stage of life.


While some may think that it is unusual to address and make distinctions about mental health based upon gender, the reality is that some symptoms and behaviors are more common and specific with males than with females. When it comes to men, especially gay and bisexual men, the subject of mental health is seen as particularly complex because it is influenced by major stigma and outdated values of traditional society. 

In spite of the fact that the majority of men who have sex with men (MSM) show high resilientness and the ability to successfully cope with life stressors, the stigma surrounding men’s mental health is what stops many from seeking help or advice when they are going through stressful times. The stigma can go so deep that it can even prevent a man from recognizing the state he might find himself, to ignore it or rush to quick and temporary solutions. The reasons for having negative prejudgments about mental health are various and they are usually very deep within the core of our “macho” environment, in which mental and emotional struggles of men are interpreted as something private and as a sign of weakness, which is a far more damaging perspective.

According to Mental Health America, one in five men experience mental health problems. When it comes to gay and bisexual men, the most frequent mental health problems are depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. In fact, depression in gay men is three times higher than the general adult population. Suicides among men in the U.S. have been on the rise since the 2000s. Men in the gay community are at high risk for suicide considering that depression is a known risk factor for suicide.

The most common risk factors for gay men include acceptance of one’s sexual preferences, social isolation, loneliness and alienation from within the gay community, institutional discrimination, and the more general risks like unemployment, military-related traumas, genetic dispositions and different mood disorders. Studies show that substance abuse and substance dependence is also a very important risk factor with gay men. It is crucial to raise awareness that substance abuse is not only about using illegal substances but also that pain meds and alcohol can do harm if used in excessive ways or for purposes other than those for which they are meant to be used. 

Despite high numbers of depression and suicide rates among gay men, when it comes to health, the attention has usually focused on sexual health problems. In fact, gay men’s health was usually defined by sexual practices, while not taking into account the connection of physical and mental health of gay men with social factors, like ethnicity, education, socioeconomic status and many more. Also, gay and bisexual men often experience ongoing homophobia and discrimination with negative effects on their health, which is significantly enhanced if they belong to some other marginalized groups.

Many scientist believe that mental health is conditioned by a group of biological factors, which include the previously mentioned substance abuse, genetics, prenatal damage, infections, exposure to toxins, and brain injuries.  While female menopause is closely related to the end of a menstrual circle, which is one of the reasons why it is maybe easier to identify it or talk about it, it is important to know that men also go through their own menopause and gay men are no exception. The production of testosterone and other hormones decline as men age.

Typically, after age 30, most men experience a gradual decline in testosterone, which is why some develop depression, loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and other physical and emotional symptoms, like mood swings, often anger, aggression and irritability, when they reach their late 40s and 50s. However, the question remains: how many men struggling with mental health challenges undergo a through medical exam to test their hormone levels (blood test),  prior counseling and psychological therapy? Of course, one does not exclude the other, but if we are to recognize the validity of biological factors affecting mental health, among others, shouldn’t it be implied?

Factors which affect mental health are, indeed, many – from the above mentioned biology and genetics, family history and childhood to some crucial social challenges like poverty, discrimination and violence, as they also have an impact on men’s well-being. If one is to dig into men’s mental health statistics, obviously it can paint a gloomy picture, especially considering that many cases go unreported and undiagnosed. But, it is important to know that help and support are available.

Photo by Dollar Photo via

It is always good to share, to talk about feelings, but also to stay active as well with daily walks and weekly exercise. Eating well and drinking sensibly can also support good mental health but also keeping in touch with friends and family. If there is a noticeable change in mood, difference in work performance, weight changes, sadness, hopelessness or loss of pleasure with things which were once enjoyed, including physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach issues – experts say it is time to ask for outside assistance.

That assistance might include psychotherapy, support groups, alternative medicine, medication (strictly prescribed treatments), etc. Making a self-care plan is an excellent way to support your own mental health. It is a unique plan where a person addresses his condition by implementing strategies that promote wellness, but also it may involve addressing recovery, triggers or warning signs. Self-care is an important factor of maintaining your mental health, and a crucial  part of it is resilience which we will address in one of our future articles addressing this subject.  

#HOLIDAYS: Best Gifts For Daddies and Hunters

To show thoughtfulness, love or affection, people give gifts as a sign of care and attention.  When we put time, energy and thought into selecting the gift, it demonstrates something. It’s a way of communicating without necessarily using words to do so but not many people consider the deeper implications of gifting.

Giving gifts is about both the receiver and the giver. It plays a crucial part in our social interactions especially during the holidays. One could say that Christmas, birthdays and similar occasions require a gift, but people also choose more spontaneous gifting, in order to build or reinforce a relationship with family, friends, co-workers and significant others.

We at Daddyhunt made a list of the Perfect Gifts for Daddies and Hunters to help you out while you’re trying to demonstrate what a certain relationship means to you – whether it is a family member, a friend or your significant other. The gifts we selected are symbolic of the occasion and more or less casual. So, have your pick – but please, keep in mind that these are only suggestions and that the main thing is for you to make the gift personal for the receiver. 

1. A Quality Bathrobe
To keep him warm and cosy! It’s a perfect gift for an extended house-guest visit. It helps avoid a cold dash between the bathroom and closet au naturale. A hooded bathrobe is highly recommended!

2. Leather Gloves
Gloves have a practical function and are a very versatile accessory! They add something to one’s personal style – a bit of sophistication and sharpness. Depending on how much you’re able to spend, don’t hesitate to get the best you can especially when it comes to investing in good inner-glove materials.

3. Bartender Kit
Why not enable your ”special someone” to wow their guests while they’re making drinks for them? Save their time by picking a bartender kit with all of the bar tools, so they won’t have to look through their drawers for that strainer or shaker!

4. Travel Bag
It can be a duffel, a backpack or a suitcase – it’s on you to identify the needs but also the style that fits the receiver and, most importantly, the occasion he might be using it for. While choosing, keep in mind that the main goal is to make his commute easier and stress free!

5. Good Perfume 
Buying a perfume for someone can be a bit delicate, as you should know the other person’s taste. Some investigation before choosing the right smell is advised! You can Google their favorite perfume and check out its top notes and let it guide you. Do some perfume testing before deciding on the right one! If you don’t know which perfume he uses, or he doesn’t have a favorite, we suggest Terre d’Hermes Parfum by Hermès, Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta or L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake.

7. Cold Weather Accessories
Embracing comfort while making a style statement with a men’s hat and scarf set has never been so simple! It’s always good to opt for plain colors and simple patterns, the ones that will maintain his masculine edge! Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with a color or two as long as you don’t break the ”three colors rule”! 😉 While it’s freezing outside, look for gentle or woven cashmere wool to keep his blood hot and running!

8. Headphones 
A new pair of headphones is always a great gift especially if the reciever is in need of an upgrade! Of course, if he is a fan of gadgets and working out, wireless earbuds are a good choice. However, for excellent sound whether at work or home, we suggest opting for over-ear noise-canceling headphones. To minimize having unnecessary cables and to reduce the set-up time, we advise going cordless.

9.  Spa and Toiletries Pack for Men
Why not give him something to aid in his moments of bliss and relaxation? You can give him scented candles, incense sticks, bath salts, or essential oils, to surround him with a fresh smell (BUT not too flowery and heavy). Maybe a touch of trendy sandalwood, enchanting jasmine or lavender along with a good bottle of wine? Also, a natural skincare or shower set will fulfill your desire to protect, soothe and nourish him to the fullest!

10. Wristwatch
It’s a fact that we all have multiple devices constantly reminding us of what time it is, but the interest in wristwatches is definately growing right now. Gifting a wristwatch can also be delicate, as it implies that the giver knows the receiver very well and is familiar with his style. Wearing a wristwatch can give a glimpse of one’s personality in the world where everyone has the same phones, cars and clothes. So with the massive range of different wristwatches for various occasions, make sure you choose the right one which goes well with his elegant, sporty or more casual personality.

In the end, whether or not you select something from this list or come up with your own choice, the most important part is to gift it with love and affection. Happy Holidays from the Daddyhunt Team!


Ageism in the LGBT+ Community: Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Ageism* (or agism) is commonly defined as stereotyping and/or discrimination based on the age of an individual or a group. It is a tendency to categorize and judge people solely based on their chronological age. As such, ageism is just like racism or sexism and – within the LGBT+ community – ageism may as well stand for a double discrimination. 

Wherever we go to experience life, regardless of our age, it is a fact that we all belong to an aging society. Even on a more personal level – we all do age. If nothing else, it does feel a bit bizarre having to type this one down, as if it’s not already well known as an inevitable course of nature.

Simply put, every human being is destined to become older unless their life is unexpectedly cut short. Meanwhile, the spreading of prejudices, discrimination and stereotypes about aging are on the rise. However, how many of us are truly aware that our own influencing behavior can also impact our personal experience regarding aging?

Over the centuries, different societies valued old age in various ways yet the modern world, unfortunately, appears to be ageist on a daily basis. Research shows that social ideals of youth and the general anti-aging culture, in fact, reflect our personal fear of aging, which has been internalized during childhood and later tends to produce attitudes, expectations and perceptions regarding the aging process. It manifests in a way that younger adults will often attribute to older people the negative stereotypes that they fear will describe their own futures.

Ageism is quite different from other forms of prejudices based on race, sex, gender, etc. because it is a bias and discrimination by members of one group against members of a second group – which the first group will one day join. If you find yourself belonging to a community which was or is being wrongfully judged, where does that leave you exactly?

Five decades after the Stonewall riots many need to be reminded of the brave fight for LGBT+ rights, which are taken for granted. That generation of LGBT+ activists, who participated in the Stonewall riots, are now older and facing ageism. The facts might be unpleasant but true! In a society obsessed with youth, the LGBT+ community often supports ageism.

Placing all the eggs in one basket (which is youth) and not acknowledging the general aging of the LGBT community usually results in disregarding older adults and marginalizing them. On a more individual level, older adults are subjected to highly inappropriate “age limitations”, ridicule and insensitive language on dating apps, among other areas of life. Sometimes, it seems that the LGBT+ community forgets some basic historical community-related facts.

Many LGBT+ people, who are now over 50, experienced unimaginable obstacles, which consisted of hardships relating to coming out in times when homosexuality was criminalized, as well as, trauma related to the AIDS crisis. The majority of today’s LGBT seniors are the ones who fought for the right to be what they are and they are the ones who enabled younger generations to live with less concern and enjoy more freedom today. Yet, a NationalPoll on Healthy Living shows 82% of people aged 50-80 experience ageism on a daily basis. When it comes to LGBT+ seniors, their troubles double, as many feel aging to be harder due to the perception of age within their own community.

Being connected to others, regardless of our age, is critical for our overall well-being, our mental and physical health. LGBT+ seniors are one of the most resilient groups out there, if one considers the roads they’ve travelled, but it cannot be easy to put aside all the stereotypes of aging and discrimination which comes with it. While one can probably understand age preference being important in someone’s personal quest for a suitable partner – to use age as the only factor to determine if one is to even converse with someone – is nothing but disrespectful and narrow minded.

Ageism is a huge part of the world we live in today, representing a challenge for everyone. It’s a self-defeating mechanism, much like sawing off the branch you’re sitting on (a Slavic metaphor which seems fitting at this point). While there are more and more research studies and anti-ageism activists out there now, the LGBT+ community has to be double-sensitive on this subject – maybe more sensitive than the general population. It needs to prevent discriminatory manners and behaviors, and to take care of its older generations, as a community which evolved thanks to its forefathers (and mothers).

Getting older is so much more than our image or physical appearance. Most of all, it can mean knowledge and experience, the one that helps us expand our minds, while shaping and deepening our ways of thinking and understanding ourselves and those around us. 

So! Next time before naming someone an ‘’Old Queen’’ – maybe one should kneel first.