DADDYHUNT TIPS: How To Create a Dating Profile That Works!

We at DADDYHUNT know – creating a personal profile on a dating app can be a challenge, especially if you must present yourself in just a few words, with the right photos, and all for the purpose to attract the right kind of attention.  On that note, while updating a dating profile – it’s importantContinue reading “DADDYHUNT TIPS: How To Create a Dating Profile That Works!”

Be His Valentine: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

To help you a little, the DH team came up with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts you can choose from, for your ‘’special someone’’, with a reminder: it is okay if it’s a friend or maybe a family member who’s been accepting of who you are and treating you nicely. It’s more than okContinue reading “Be His Valentine: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts”

#HOLIDAYS: Best Gifts For Daddies and Hunters

To show thoughtfulness, love or affection, people give gifts as a sign of care and attention.  When we put time, energy and thought into selecting the gift, it demonstrates something. It’s a way of communicating without necessarily using words to do so but not many people consider the deeper implications of gifting. Giving gifts isContinue reading “#HOLIDAYS: Best Gifts For Daddies and Hunters”

Embracing Your Inner Daddy

If we are lucky enough to live a long life, we get older.  And that’s not a bad thing, right?  The passage of time, which is not renewable for humans, gives us more opportunity to experience life. For those of us looking to connect with different generations, the Daddyhunt community provides us with that opportunity. Continue reading “Embracing Your Inner Daddy”

Ready for My Close-up Mr. Demille – Tips on the Perfect Photo for Your Daddyhunt Profile

Whether you’re a Daddy exhibitionist trying to capture the attention of the men on Daddyhunt or a hunter looking to connect with the ideal Daddy, having a great public profile photo can help you grab the attention of all the great men on Daddyhunt. The men on Daddyhunt do more than turn heads. They exemplifyContinue reading “Ready for My Close-up Mr. Demille – Tips on the Perfect Photo for Your Daddyhunt Profile”

Daddy Dealbreakers

We’ve all got ’em. Whether it’s ear hair or other physical or personality attributes, dealbreakers are a necessary part of navigating the world of dating. But when should they come into play? Some of us have friends who date with Seinfeldian levels of dealbreakers and bail at the first sign of something they don’t like.Continue reading “Daddy Dealbreakers”

Not All Daddies Are The Same

Gay culture, not unlike other cultures, is often perceived to be all about stereotypes. This is never truer than in any of the ‘named’ cultures (Bear, Leather, S&M, etc.). The ‘Daddy/Hunter’ community is no different. When we hear perfectly attractive hunters bemoaning the fact they can’t find a Daddy to date because they aren’t… insertContinue reading “Not All Daddies Are The Same”