Ageism in the LGBT+ Community: Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Ageism* (or agism) is commonly defined as stereotyping and/or discrimination based on the age of an individual or a group. It is a tendency to categorize and judge people solely based on their chronological age. As such, ageism is just like racism or sexism and – within the LGBT+ community – ageism may as wellContinue reading “Ageism in the LGBT+ Community: Shooting Yourself in the Foot”

Her Narrative: Christine Jorgensen’s Story

Next year will be the 70th anniversary for the world’s first sex change operation, which involved both surgery and hormone therapy. Christine Jorgensen was the first celebrity transgender. Her story speaks to the emerging tensions between science and sexuality in the 20th century. Christine Jorgensen was born in 1926 as George Jorgensen Jr., ”a frail,Continue reading “Her Narrative: Christine Jorgensen’s Story”

Transgender History: Expression, Information and Education

One might claim that transgender history can be followed through the well-known history of gay and LGBT rights, but that wouldn’t be completely true. Transgender history starts with transgender people, but the problem is the term ”transgender” is a very modern word – first used by the psychiatrist, John F. Oliven, in 1965. Even theContinue reading “Transgender History: Expression, Information and Education”

Halloween: The Gay High Holiday

Three decades ago, Halloween was almost a forgotten holiday across the UK, Europe and Japan. Even in Germany and some other countries in the late 20th century, Halloween was still an exclusively children’s holiday. So, why is the LGBT+ community responsible for bringing the halo back into the eve? With its roots dating back toContinue reading “Halloween: The Gay High Holiday”

A Kiss As An Assault: History of LGBT+ Representation In Cinema

“I think the fate of gay characters in American literature, plays, films is really the same as the fate of all characters who are sexually free.” – Arthur Laurents LGBT+ characters have a long history in Hollywood movies. Since the 19th century, cinema followed mostly dominant notions of homosexuality.  In this context, LGBT+ history inContinue reading “A Kiss As An Assault: History of LGBT+ Representation In Cinema”

Sing, What You Can’t Say: “The Lavender Song” (The 1st Gay Anthem)

Regardless of its kind, music follows us through our entire day and affects us in many different ways. According to science, the human brain is entirely ”musical”. Music can change the structure of our brain – induce or intensify our emotions. Why we like or dislike a certain song can now be scientifically explained. MusicContinue reading “Sing, What You Can’t Say: “The Lavender Song” (The 1st Gay Anthem)”

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are …

Is it the encouraging song that Glinda The Good Witch sings to the Munchkins?  Is it the exciting children’s game of Hide and Seek you just remembered? Or do you feel threatened by the title, and maybe referencing it to an intense scene from a horror movie?   While this might be considered banal, the experienceContinue reading “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are …”