DADDYHUNT TIPS: How To Create a Dating Profile That Works!

We at DADDYHUNT know – creating a personal profile on a dating app can be a challenge, especially if you must present yourself in just a few words, with the right photos, and all for the purpose to attract the right kind of attention.  On that note, while updating a dating profile – it’s importantContinue reading “DADDYHUNT TIPS: How To Create a Dating Profile That Works!”

Be His Valentine: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

To help you a little, the DH team came up with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts you can choose from, for your ‘’special someone’’, with a reminder: it is okay if it’s a friend or maybe a family member who’s been accepting of who you are and treating you nicely. It’s more than okContinue reading “Be His Valentine: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts”

Ageism in the LGBT+ Community: Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Ageism* (or agism) is commonly defined as stereotyping and/or discrimination based on the age of an individual or a group. It is a tendency to categorize and judge people solely based on their chronological age. As such, ageism is just like racism or sexism and – within the LGBT+ community – ageism may as wellContinue reading “Ageism in the LGBT+ Community: Shooting Yourself in the Foot”

Her Narrative: Christine Jorgensen’s Story

Next year will be the 70th anniversary for the world’s first sex change operation, which involved both surgery and hormone therapy. Christine Jorgensen was the first celebrity transgender. Her story speaks to the emerging tensions between science and sexuality in the 20th century. Christine Jorgensen was born in 1926 as George Jorgensen Jr., ”a frail,Continue reading “Her Narrative: Christine Jorgensen’s Story”

What Team Do You Play For: Homophobia In Sports

Soccer (football), tennis, basketball, American football, rugby – these are some of the most popular sports in the world with fans and audiences of billions. Yet, they carry one of the biggest stigmas: professional athletes rarely openly talk about their sexual preferences especially if they’re active players, as homophobia is prominent in professional sports. ResearchContinue reading “What Team Do You Play For: Homophobia In Sports”

Embracing Your Inner Daddy

If we are lucky enough to live a long life, we get older.  And that’s not a bad thing, right?  The passage of time, which is not renewable for humans, gives us more opportunity to experience life. For those of us looking to connect with different generations, the Daddyhunt community provides us with that opportunity. Continue reading “Embracing Your Inner Daddy”

LGBT+ ON AIR: 5 Podcasts For You To Check Out

The first recorded podcast came out in 2004 and one year later, podcast became the word of the year in the American Oxford Dictionary. However, at that time, podcasts were far from being what they are now. In fact, it took a decade for the whole world to slowly enter the Golden Age Of Podcasts.Continue reading “LGBT+ ON AIR: 5 Podcasts For You To Check Out”