Ageing with Grace

Check-Ups and Health Screenings

My good friend’s brother Tim was diagnosed with advanced mouth cancer 3 months ago. It’s been a struggle since then to treat the illness but they are doing their best and Tim is not giving up.

I keep thinking about one thing my friend told me in regards to this. Right after learning about the diagnosis over the phone, he rushed over to his brother’s house, and he sat with his brother and his brother’s partner working out a plan of action. He told me that later, once everyone else in the house was asleep they just sat in comforting silence on the deck and out of the blue Tim said, “I’ve known something was wrong for a while.” Apparently he had symptoms for over a year but didn’t do anything about it until the discomfort became overwhelming. When he finally addressed the issue, it was almost too late.

Without going into the details of what Tim is dealing with right now, suffice it to say it is a whole-damn-lot. It’s frightening to think of someone you care for existing like this. He is not the person he was a year ago and he will never be the same again. 

I thought it best to start with that dose of reality because way too many of us are not allowing ourselves to age as gracefully as we can healthy wise. It’s imperative to be as proactive as possible and double down on all efforts once we reach 40 years old. 

Why should you care? Because early detection is the best way to combat any illness and gives you an effective chance to survive it. Early detection means committing to regular check-ups and screenings.

In a perfect world everyone on the planet would get an annual check-up that covers all the bases. But, the world is a raging dumpster fire so we do what we can. If you are healthy you should get a check up at least once every 3-5 years up until you are about 40. Once you turn the big 4-0 you need to make the effort to get annual check-ups. Look at this as the time to check-in with your doctor in regards to your general and sexual health. It’s also the opportunity to talk about any bodily changes you may have noticed and to address any concerns. 

When you see your doctor for the check-up, you should talk to them about what screenings you should get and when. Everyone’s needs can strikingly differ depending on their lifestyle. 

Otherwise, here is a basic breakdown of what you can expect. 

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Colon Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Skin Cancer
Hearing and Vision
Oral Health

Take care of yourself and allow yourself to age as gracefully as possible by being mindful of your health check-ups and screenings.

The Daddyhunt Team

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4 thoughts on “Ageing with Grace

  1. Perhaps ya’ll are unaware that hand gesture in the x-ray at the top of the page has been adobted by the far right as a sign for “white power” – W & P.

  2. Great post. Guys please be careful with PSA levels. If high, always get a second opinion. See at least two urologists. Some treatments for prostate cancer or BPH may greatly impact sexual function. Erectile disfunction is common. Guys, as gay men, we have to have a strong erection to enter our partners. As passive partners, loss of sensation is possible. In all cases androgen suppression will change who you are. Please, please educate yourself before undergoing treatment. Make sure you tell your urologist that you are a gay man. Please get a second opinion.

    1. yes! for anything major get at least a second opinion and try to find other people who have been through it.

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