12 Gay Circuit Parties/Festivals To Attend in 2022

After two pandemic-years off the dancefloor (for some) it’s time to welcome a new party season! Some of the most popular party events, are happening throughout the whole year, with many smaller parties surrounding the main event! Regardless of your relationship status, parties like these can really be an excellent experience, depending on individual preferences, e.g., the type of music you like or the main ‘’theme’’. Another key factor might the amount of money you’re willing to give for fun, as some of these sonic gems are held in gorgeous (sometimes expensive!) destinations around the world, but DH has made a list of best parties that are worth every penny!

  1. The White Party, Palm Springs

One of the biggest gay circuit parties in US, the desert party is happening in late April every year – and yes, we’re a bit late with this one, but keep it in mind for next year, as it offers a unique weekend experience with pool parties, go-go shows and fireworks and it attracts over 30,000 people every year.

2. Masterbeat, LA

Leading producer of entertainment featuring live acts, dancers, and performers, Masterbeat equals high-quality venues and world-class DJs. It hosts parties in LA, NYC and Miami. Best known for their main event on New Year’s Eve,  with other events on holiday weekends, Masterbeat hosts great parties early in the summer as well, so it’s not too late to buy your tickets now!

3. Folsom, San Francisco

In short: the kinkiest event of its kind! This street festival is a fantasy brought to life for every BDSM & leather lover. It offers numerous stages with different kinds of music, but also erotic performances, dancing spots and playgrounds! This year’s events are planed at the end of July and September, so mark your calendar!

4. One Magical Weekend, FL

Held at the first weekend of June, One Magical Weekend is indeed related to Pride Month, but it’s a perfect opportunity to check out the legendary Walt Disney Park, if the amusement park is your thing, as it’s the location of the event. One of the most creative events of this kind, One Magical Weekend offers a different theme every year!

5. Black & Blue, Montreal

The biggest gay-benefit dance festival in Canada, Black & Blue is hosted by the BBCM Foundation, which supports social, financial, and medical assistance to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

6. Le Demence, Brussels

This highly-praised venue hosts events all year long, mainly on bank holidays. Known for its various themes, usually season or holiday related, Le Demence has three dance floors with different music, quality DJs and dance acts, acrobatic shows and – yes – darkrooms for the naughtiest of them all!

7. Rapido, Amsterdam

Being one of the most popular LGBTQ venues in the Netherlands, Rapido hosts parties all year. It has several dance arenas with different music, and of course – drag shows! What makes Rapido special is its playroom, for those who are willing to really let their guards down when the things start to heat up!

8. XCAPE, Sweden

If you’re in the mood for some hot and themed gay parties, Stockholm is a place to visit! This year, XCAPE brings some hot Brazilian summer energy, sexy go go’s and hot guys from Sweden and beyond! Every month a new theme, so expect the unexpected!

9. XCLSIOR, Mykonos

Thousands of beautiful men from all over the world gather every year to explore Mykonos, the Mediterranean gay mecca. XCLSIOR is a festival which offers top quality DJs and shows, but also some more intimate island gatherings, so if you’re in the mood for a combination of excellent clubbing and a dream holiday, XCLSIOR is perfect for you!

10. Circuit Festival, Barcelona

Held in one of the best cities for gay nightlife and culture, this huge festival combines all what’s wonderful about Spain: the amazing weather and vibrant energy! It hosts main parties, but also many pre-parties during August. Besides dancing and great music, they also have a water park with a huge pool and rides (and you know what that means: plenty of really hot half-naked guys!).

11. Revolver, Berlin

Revolver Party takes place every month, featuring the best local and international DJ’s, go-go dancers and performers, taking place in Berlin’s KitKatClub, the home of the infamous HustlaBall “Peepshow”. Revolver also hosts DRTY afterparty and a very special, official edition during the Folsom Europe weekend.

12. Forever Tel Aviv

Forever Tel Aviv, known for great dance parties, hosts regular events, internationally. It has become one of the top gay events in last couple of years, with beach parties with thousands of hot men and the biggest DJs in the gay scene! Its main event is being held in June with pre-parties in May, so start packing!

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