DADDYHUNT TIPS: Best Ways To Approach Guys On A Dating App

One can’t really rely on body language, eye contact or other physical indications when approaching a guy in the online dating realm. Instead, much of it depends on your ability to communicate. Communication isn’t only about words; it can also be about your vibe”, which some people can “pick up” and interpret without even meeting you in person. Also, the way you’ve presented yourself in your dating app profile, can significantly improve your chances for a first date – or do quite the opposite, which is why we recommend checking out one of our previous DADDYHUNT Tips on ‘How to Create a Dating Profile That Works’.

So, here are some suggestions on how to reach out and how to improve your game when using a dating app.

  • Confidence

In short, confidence is sexy! It is how we think and feel about ourselves and it’s the key thing in everything we do, not just online dating. Yes, from time to time, we all struggle with our self-esteem, but by working on yourself on a regular basis, both mentally and physically, you build up your confidence and you can shine some of it by being comfortable with yourself.

  • Compliment

Giving a compliment is a good way to start a conversation. By doing so, you can create a general feel-good setting both for yourself and your potential date. Complimenting a guy on his looks is, of course, an additional boost from you, but complimenting on other things as well, such as; music taste, favorite movies, books, or any other interests listed on his profile is a great way to break the ice. Also, don’t hesitate chatting with someone who’s abroad, it doesn’t always have to be about the meet up. Check out the ‘Global’ or any other grids on DADDYHUNT and start a topic (politics, cultural differences etc.) with someone from a country that you’ve been planning or always wanted to visit.

  • Unlock Your Private Photos

Go ahead and unlock your private photos. It’s a no brainer. If you’re interested in the guy, unlock your private photos to get to the bottom (or top!) 😉 of things! But, before doing that, make sure he’s okay with accepting NSFW content (guys who aren’t, usually stress that in their profile). Make sure you re-lock your photos after you’ve showed the goodies.

  • Shout-Out!

Online communication is not always so “detailed” and a lot if it might be lost with all the acronyms and emojis. However, these little signs of affection sometimes can take you far, so feel free to use a Shout-Out emoji to potentially start a conversation. But, being fun and light-hearted in its essence, a Shout-Out emoji may not be enough if you want to continue chatting, so you might have to think about the next thing to say.

  • Relax

You are on a dating app, so don’t take things too personally. We all have preferences and sometimes it’s just not a match, and that’s ok. Outside the app, people have a life, obligations, (or personal issues) etc. You don’t have the obligation to reply to every single guy who messages you, and neither does he. Being respectful (and having self-respect) is what matters.

Happy Hunting!

The Daddyhunt Team

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