DADDYHUNT TIPS: How To Create a Dating Profile That Works!

We at DADDYHUNT know – creating a personal profile on a dating app can be a challenge, especially if you must present yourself in just a few words, with the right photos, and all for the purpose to attract the right kind of attention.  On that note, while updating a dating profile – it’s important to be yourself, and no, that’s not just a phrase! Before creating a dating profile, we would advise you to take some time and think – not about what others might want to read about you, but what’s important to you and what you are looking for. To help you create a dating profile that works, the DH team has made a list of some do’s and don’ts:

  1. The About Me Section: Be Specific, Yet Short

While it’s always good to write a few personal sentences about yourself, it can be useful to avoid generic descriptions and blatant cliches, because ‘’long walks on the beach’’ certainly won’t make your profile stand out. Instead, focus on mentioning your main interests, maybe naming your hobby or more specific things you enjoy doing on weekends. Also, know and be open about what are you looking for – is it a quick hookup, someone to hang out with or a more relationship-oriented interaction. If you’re struggling with the ‘About Me’ section, you can ask a friend for some advice on what to write.

2. Avoid The ‘’NOT INTO’S’’

Focus on what you are looking for and avoid being the ‘’NOT INTO” and ‘’NO (insert offensive language here)’’ person. It’s ok to have preferences but chill out! Making your profile all about what you dislike and ranting about it is a turn-off. You wouldn’t believe how much energy goes to waste, not to mention all the hot guys, while trying to maintain a bitter attitude.  

3. Complete Your Stats

An incomplete profile is rarely an interesting one! Make sure you fill out your stats (height, weight, age, city etc.) The option is there so why not avoid unnecessary questions. Sharing false or incomplete information about yourself is frequently the main reason why online dating can have a bad reputation, so simply – don’t be the guy that lies from the start. Instead, we at DADDYHUNT encourage you to own your looks and be honest.

4. Update Your Photos

Photos are a crucial part of one’s dating profile. Make sure your photos are (relatively) up to date, and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean uploading photos from last week, but skip uploading photos that were taken a decade ago. Own your looks, friendly and approachable always works and don’t hesitate to show some skin (if that’s your thing 😉).

5. Upload More Than One Photo

Uploading up to three (or more) photos will increase the chances of members reaching out to you. Diverse photos are a plus: at the gym, night out, hiking … ? Go ahead and upload. Avoid sharing photos with other people in them (unless they’re ok with it). Sharing photos with minors, even if it’s a family member is also a big NO, NO!

Now, update your DADDYHUNT profile following these tips and don’t forget to have fun! Give them a flavor of your persona by adding some humor and see your inbox grow! 😉

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