Be His Valentine: Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

To help you a little, the DH team came up with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts you can choose from, for your ‘’special someone’’, with a reminder: it is okay if it’s a friend or maybe a family member who’s been accepting of who you are and treating you nicely. It’s more than ok if you manage to resist the global V-Day pressure and choose to spoil just your lovely self with something  you enjoy or something what we suggest in our list below! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

A Swedish Backpack Fjallraven Kanken

Backpacks make a great, useful and a long-term gift. The Swedish brand Fjallraven Kanken offers backpacks in different sizes, colours and materials, holding on to the same iconic look as the classic from 1978! For your special someone, pick a backpack that is waterproof, lightweight and flexible!

Scented Sticks and/or Candles for Men  

Assist your special someone in making his apartment smell good and sexy with some scented sticks and candles for men! We suggest avoiding heavy, floral or sweet notes – unless you are 100% sure he will like it. Instead, opt for fragrant notes that are woody and smoky or marine and citrus scents depending on the general vibe of his personal space.

Pool Ball Candle Holder

Now, this one has men only pheromones spilled all over it! Vintage and tasteful, pool ball candle holder is a type of lighting that can intensify his Valentine’s ambience. If tea candles you get for this candle holder are scented, you can consult suggestions we shared above.

Beard Grooming Set 

Choose a Beard Grooming Set packed with care and style as a practical present he can use every day. Try to cover all bases of his grooming steps, like shaving foam, beard oil or balm. If possible, add some grooming tools as well (a beard comb, scissors and such). If you’ve noticed he minds his gray hairs, why not add a nice pack of True Sons – Hair & Beard Dye for Men?

Pro-aging Kit 

Since DH embraces aging with style, to avoid the term ‘’anti-aging’’, 
we prefer pro-aging  instead. 😉

If he has a skincare routine, have a sneak peek at his favourite brands and pick something for him! If his skincare habits are basically nonexistent or unknown to you, make a selection of natural products which promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production. A quality face cleaner, facial scrub, night cream, moisturizer/sunscreen,  lip balm and – he is good to go – regardless of how far you wanna go!

A Picture Frame for a Couple

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A picture frame is a good gift for couples in general, as they help to preserve the best moments spent together. Pick one which goes well with the interior of his living space, whether it’s an elegantly designed frame or a vintage one. If you’re feeling adventurous, it can be an excellent idea to have your photo together digitally processed in specific art-forms which can decorate the room with a more avantgarde or stylish look! 

A Quality Belt and Bedroom Accessories

A quality belt is another practical gift he can use every day or for special occasions – like the bedroom ones! In order to support the latter, throw in some padlocks, bindings and other bedroom accessories, just to indicate that you might be hoping for a fun and sexy Valentine’s spent together! However, if you are just in the mood for your man to look good, choose a belt that goes well with his daily attire (jeans or suits and shoes).

Printed T-Shirt

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Instead of wasting time while walking through shopping malls while looking for a perfect clothing item as a gift for him, order a customized t-shirt online and surprise him with something fun and unique! Make sure you check the shop reviews, and that their materials and printing are top noch! T-shirt design is on you. While it’s always good to be personal, avoid being too personal, as in – printing your face on his shirt – but go more along the lines of maybe printing the photo of his pet, his favorite art, a quote or a concept that he’s really into. 

Printed Socks and a Tie with Print

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In a vast range of print patterns and colourways, choose the ones he is most likely to wear. But, don’t hesitate to be bold about your picks as he always has the option not to wear these in public, but for his own (guilty) pleasure as well. There are many sites offering to customize your socks and tie design online, but also a wide variety of printed ones available to shop right away!

Dress Up And Splurge 

In case you are in the mood for dressing up, and you are sure that he is too, you can always make a dinner reservation for two in some expensive restaurant, especially if it’s been a while since the two of you had the chance to shine together in public in this way. Pick a place that serves his favourite meals and – after dinner – well, it’s good to burn all those calories together!

Additionally, you can visit Etsy or other online card shops for some nice LGBT Valentine’s Day Cards. Better yet, you can make your own V-Card using free online tools! It’s also a good idea to have a fun night out with a group of LGBT friends to increase your visibility or to make a Valentine’s Day donation to an LGBT organization you care for or to support a local LGBT business. It’s up to you and you only, so if you’d rather spend this holiday on your own, watching movies and such, that is perfectly alright – but in case you change your mind, visit the DaddyHunt App and see what else the Valentine has to offer! 😊

Happy Valentine’s Day from the DaddyHunt Team!

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