#HOLIDAYS: Best Gifts For Daddies and Hunters

To show thoughtfulness, love or affection, people give gifts as a sign of care and attention.  When we put time, energy and thought into selecting the gift, it demonstrates something. It’s a way of communicating without necessarily using words to do so but not many people consider the deeper implications of gifting.

Giving gifts is about both the receiver and the giver. It plays a crucial part in our social interactions especially during the holidays. One could say that Christmas, birthdays and similar occasions require a gift, but people also choose more spontaneous gifting, in order to build or reinforce a relationship with family, friends, co-workers and significant others.

We at Daddyhunt made a list of the Perfect Gifts for Daddies and Hunters to help you out while you’re trying to demonstrate what a certain relationship means to you – whether it is a family member, a friend or your significant other. The gifts we selected are symbolic of the occasion and more or less casual. So, have your pick – but please, keep in mind that these are only suggestions and that the main thing is for you to make the gift personal for the receiver. 

1. A Quality Bathrobe
To keep him warm and cosy! It’s a perfect gift for an extended house-guest visit. It helps avoid a cold dash between the bathroom and closet au naturale. A hooded bathrobe is highly recommended!

2. Leather Gloves
Gloves have a practical function and are a very versatile accessory! They add something to one’s personal style – a bit of sophistication and sharpness. Depending on how much you’re able to spend, don’t hesitate to get the best you can especially when it comes to investing in good inner-glove materials.

3. Bartender Kit
Why not enable your ”special someone” to wow their guests while they’re making drinks for them? Save their time by picking a bartender kit with all of the bar tools, so they won’t have to look through their drawers for that strainer or shaker!

4. Travel Bag
It can be a duffel, a backpack or a suitcase – it’s on you to identify the needs but also the style that fits the receiver and, most importantly, the occasion he might be using it for. While choosing, keep in mind that the main goal is to make his commute easier and stress free!

5. Good Perfume 
Buying a perfume for someone can be a bit delicate, as you should know the other person’s taste. Some investigation before choosing the right smell is advised! You can Google their favorite perfume and check out its top notes and let it guide you. Do some perfume testing before deciding on the right one! If you don’t know which perfume he uses, or he doesn’t have a favorite, we suggest Terre d’Hermes Parfum by Hermès, Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta or L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake.

7. Cold Weather Accessories
Embracing comfort while making a style statement with a men’s hat and scarf set has never been so simple! It’s always good to opt for plain colors and simple patterns, the ones that will maintain his masculine edge! Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with a color or two as long as you don’t break the ”three colors rule”! 😉 While it’s freezing outside, look for gentle or woven cashmere wool to keep his blood hot and running!

8. Headphones 
A new pair of headphones is always a great gift especially if the reciever is in need of an upgrade! Of course, if he is a fan of gadgets and working out, wireless earbuds are a good choice. However, for excellent sound whether at work or home, we suggest opting for over-ear noise-canceling headphones. To minimize having unnecessary cables and to reduce the set-up time, we advise going cordless.

9.  Spa and Toiletries Pack for Men
Why not give him something to aid in his moments of bliss and relaxation? You can give him scented candles, incense sticks, bath salts, or essential oils, to surround him with a fresh smell (BUT not too flowery and heavy). Maybe a touch of trendy sandalwood, enchanting jasmine or lavender along with a good bottle of wine? Also, a natural skincare or shower set will fulfill your desire to protect, soothe and nourish him to the fullest!

10. Wristwatch
It’s a fact that we all have multiple devices constantly reminding us of what time it is, but the interest in wristwatches is definately growing right now. Gifting a wristwatch can also be delicate, as it implies that the giver knows the receiver very well and is familiar with his style. Wearing a wristwatch can give a glimpse of one’s personality in the world where everyone has the same phones, cars and clothes. So with the massive range of different wristwatches for various occasions, make sure you choose the right one which goes well with his elegant, sporty or more casual personality.

In the end, whether or not you select something from this list or come up with your own choice, the most important part is to gift it with love and affection. Happy Holidays from the Daddyhunt Team!


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