Embracing Your Inner Daddy

If we are lucky enough to live a long life, we get older.  And that’s not a bad thing, right?  The passage of time, which is not renewable for humans, gives us more opportunity to experience life.

For those of us looking to connect with different generations, the Daddyhunt community provides us with that opportunity.  To bring us older (hopefully, wiser) gay, bi, curious, trans men together with a younger generation that’s attracted to us Daddies not only for our mature looks but also our wisdom and life experiences.

Is Embracing Our Transition Into Being Part of the Daddy Tribe Necessary?

Ultimately, that depends on what you’re looking for in your friends, dates, partners or a relationship and whether or not you’re comfortable owning your age and the label.  Some of us certainly like to date within our own age group, while others like me prefer to embrace all flavors – ethnically, physically and age wise.  Having dated and been in relationships with older guys and younger guys, I must say the age difference provides a healthy perspective. You view the world from different lenses and if you’re open-minded, you learn a great deal from each other.

But Are There Downsides to Labeling Yourself As A Daddy?

Certainly! As with any label, you are self-defining and perhaps limiting yourself.  While I have had my fair share of guys hitting me up on Daddyhunt and other apps (yes, we all use more than one) asking me if I’m a sugar daddy, most guys are interested in a legitimate intergenerational connection – whether that be a chat, friend, date or more.

Ultimately, it’s not about the older man taking care of the younger man, in my opinion.  We all know that the best relationships have an equal balance of power, and someone who identifies as a Daddy should definitely know that! In other words, while Daddy is older, he doesn’t reign supreme.

So, what is today’s Daddy in the LGBT+ community? Personally, I think of Daddy as an older gay man with a look, a sense of self-confidence, maturity and a desire to share his life experiences with someone who he’s attracted to who just happens to be younger. Is that such a bad thing? From this Daddy to other open (and closeted) Daddies out there, I think not. So, embrace your inner Daddy!

And One More Thing!

For all of you Daddy-hunters out there, it’s important for you to know that those of us on Daddyhunt who identify as Daddies aren’t interested in being your Sugar anything. There are other apps/websites for that, so (PLEASE!) stop hitting us up with your Venmo, CashApp, PayPal or Amazon Wishlists.

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