LGBT+ ON AIR: 5 Podcasts For You To Check Out

The first recorded podcast came out in 2004 and one year later, podcast became the word of the year in the American Oxford Dictionary. However, at that time, podcasts were far from being what they are now. In fact, it took a decade for the whole world to slowly enter the Golden Age Of Podcasts. Today, it is now estimated that there are over 2,000,000 podcasts available in over 100 languages.

What Is A Podcast?

There are many online definitions of what a podcast is, which explains all the details. To sum it up, a podcast is, basically, a radio show which has its own format, topic and audience. It is almost like an evolved radio show and much more than that. As audio or digital content, podcasts are available on almost every mobile phone and computer device and offers a wide range of subjects one can choose from. The listener can also choose hosts and guests to listen to, whether they are celebrities, politicians, scientists or even some ordinary people with extraordinary experiences. 

Podcasts are, usually, free of charge. Portable, therefore, more personal, and available for listening at any given time. The one thing that is being emphasized and can be seen as ‘’a podcast thing’’ is its freedom. The global rise of the podcast format is also interpreted within the needs of society to respond to endangered freedom of speech, critical thinking, censorship and the lack of space in mainstream media for those who think or act differently. So, it is only natural that the LGBT+ community recognized the importance of podcasting and made a space for itself within this contemporary way of communicating with an audience.

5 Podcasts For You To Check Out

There are numerous LGBT+ podcasts available today and many of them are enjoyed not only by an LGBT+ audience. Because the hosts, topics, guests, humor and the way certain subjects are tackled, these podcasts’ reach extends far beyond an LGBT+ only audience. For a first listen, people can use any online podcast search engine and keywords to find what they like. Many Best Podcasts lists are also available online, but you should definitely check out these five (5):

No matter whether you’re on the go or working/relaxing at home, podcasts offer a variety of options for entertainment or to educate yourself about history or what’s currently happening around the world.

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