Not All Daddies Are The Same

Gay culture, not unlike other cultures, is often perceived to be all about stereotypes. This is never truer than in any of the ‘named’ cultures (Bear, Leather, S&M, etc.). The ‘Daddy/Hunter’ community is no different. When we hear perfectly attractive hunters bemoaning the fact they can’t find a Daddy to date because they aren’t… insert stereotypical requirement here: young, slender, smooth, tall, athletic, etc…, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Really, guys, Daddies don’t all expect, require, or desire the same things. All you need to do is spend 5 minutes perusing the Daddy profiles on Daddyhunt to see that. Daddies exist in all different shapes and sizes and have different taste and interests. You can find profiles of Daddies looking for masculine guys, tall guys, short guys, hairy guys, smooth guys, and so on and so forth.

Not every Daddy lives up to the presumed stereotype. Not all Daddies spend their time chronically in search of some ‘perfect’ guy who meets some idealized, unrealistic standard. Okay, we admit that Daddies do tend to prefer that the hunters they desire find older guys appealing, but then, who of us doesn’t want to be thought of as attractive?

Okay, stereotypes exist for a reason. Sometimes, maybe more than sometimes, people live up to one stereotype or another. Most people don’t. The trick is finding a way for the ‘right’ Daddy to meet the ‘right’ hunter. That is the beauty of online communities like Daddyhunt. Such venues are safe places where we can share information about who we are, what we seek, and what it is we have to offer, affording us unique opportunities to form connections with those with whom we have complimentary interests. So, buck up, guys, it has worked for many couples who have met on Daddyhunt, and it can work for you. Happy Hunting!

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